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Quality Bass/GBS beard brush.

laminated bamboo handle and boar bristle brush.

This Beard Brush will last you for life.

Long Live the Beard !


100% Wild Boar Bristles, Bamboo Wood Handle

-Top quality Bristle and Craftsmanship

-Finest Quality

-100% Pure Bamboo Brush

-Made by "Bass" A World Class Brush Company

-The Green Brush
Using only the finest grade natural boars hair to massage, stimulate and exfoliate the skin and to distribute beard oil along the hair shaft to condition, seal and polish the hair to a beautiful and healthy condition. We use fine hard wood such as maple and oak and bamboo to set the Bass bristle in. It is hand finished to bring out the woods natural beauty.

bamboo brush

Natural wild boar bristles

Truly "green" hair brush

GBS/Bass Beard Brush

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